The Polar Bear Story




The 2014 Great Lakes International Film Festival was held in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA from 18th September to 30th September 2014.



A short animation film, “The Polar Bear Story”, written by Suisei Hoshii, and produced by Hoshii Production won first prize, after being selected from many other nominations, for

Best Animation.



The Polar Bear Story, which was first written thirty-five years ago, was published in book form in 2008. As a result, this film animation is an adaptation of the original book.


In order to help polar bears and avoid them becoming extinct, Suisei Hoshii would like to raise awareness of the problems facing polar bears in the world today.


Through this story, Suisei hopes that people will understand and think about a wide range of problems facing the world these days. Please watch this film and take time to consider Suisei’s message.

Best Animation

Erie International Film Festival 2015